Company Overview

For geographical, demographical and economic reasons, internet penetration in rural areas is far from that in larger cities. It seems that current business models and technologies cannot achieve breakthrough in this area. Therefore, Inovatian has developed a new business model which is closer to real life situations in rural areas, villages, etc., whereby we combined blockchain and mesh technology to come up with a comprehensive solution that is unheard of before; this is secured with a state of the art cybersecurity product. These technologies combined form the basis for our 6G network, however, they can also be sold as stand-alone products.

Inovatian is leading the charge towards a 6G standard for mobile telephony based on the vision of decentralizing the network through blockchain and mesh; reducing the cost of smart devices through the introduction of virtual mobile terminals and having it native to the standard.

Our first product into this field, the InoMesh, is a state-of-the-art mesh WiFi product that keeps the data rate high even after many hops. Our second product is a blockchain and an associated digital currency that will help decentralize the network. Our third product will be a competitively priced high-performance smart device that acts like a virtual terminal. Our fourth product will be an artificial intelligence system that is distributed over the computers and processors forming the blockchain to help profile the users and provide them with better service. The last product is a media delivery system based on the profiling. This could lead to the integration of the broadcasting and the telecommunications industries