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01. Company History

The Inovatian group of companies is a concept that started from the success of their founder, Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, in leading hi-tech companies onto the Canadian stock exchanges. Dr. Zaghloul started helping others realize their dreams of building companies to take build and market their products and services. Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, along with Dr. Michel Fattouche invented the wireless communication protocols that changed the world since the 1990s; they invented the WOFDM and MCDSSS which are the basis for the high speed wireless communications we are currently experiencing in WiFi, WiMAX, 3G, 4G/LTE and 5G standards.  Dr. Zaghloul with Dr. Fattouche founded Wi-LAN Inc. and Cell-Loc Inc., who were the top performers on the Canadian TSE exchange in 2000. He helped build QCC Technologies Inc., NTG Clarity Networks Inc., Imaging Dynamics and others.The Inovatian Group started formally in 2005 with the incorporation of Innovative Products for Life Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. IPL helped inventors patent their technologies and build prototypes for it. In 2006, IPL Media Inc. was incorporated for web applications and publishing. In 2009, IPL Media moved to Cairo, Egypt. Inovatian is head-quartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada through Inovatian Corp. It currently operates out of 6 countries: Inovatian Limited in the US (sales and marketing as well as business development), Inovatian Europe ab in Sweden (sales and marketing and business development), Inovatian Pvt Ltd in Pakistan (sales and marketing, R&D and business development), Inovatian Asia SDN. BHD. In Malaysia for sales and marketing in Southeast Asia,  Inovatian Inc. in Egypt (R&D), Altadrees Pvt. Ltd. In Pakistan (distant learning and AI education), and Inovatian Telecommunications Sarl in Chad (mobile data operator).

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02. Mission

Connecting the underprivileged to the world via wireless mesh networks in an affordable way that will create a better life and access to knowledge.

03. Vision

Inovatian will be the lead company in designing the decentralized telecommunications networks. We strive to be the most rewarding and fastest growing company and will sell products and services to this market to connect the world wirelessly, one mesh at a time